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job interview... [07 Jun 2009|01:55pm]
so i got this email for a job interview for place in troy.... 

I wish to invite you to a lululemon meet and greet at our store.  Please let me know if you can make the date I have listed below. 


Meet and Greet Date
SUNDAY: June 14th @ 11am -12pm for a yoga class followed by the meet and greet for aprox 30min.


The store is on the 2nd level - Somerset Collection South - in the center of the mall right across from Starbuck's.  Dress comfortably ... like in your favorite piece of athletic clothing. Along with your resume, please bring something that you love with you (sorry, the mall does not allow pets :). 


In-joy the moment!


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an open letter to the manager of the korean world classic baseball team: [24 Mar 2009|02:07am]
Dear fucking moron:

I use moron as a way to start this letter on a positive note, moron being a nicer way to phrase as the asshole that very likely cheated your people out of a win.  At what point during this great matched game where you were hanging over the dugout fence like a fat lump of shit did you ever think you pulling of the act of being a manager in championship game.  I give great credit for team rallying in the late 9th of the gift of two walks to driving the tieing run.  I also give credit to the closer for the two outs in top of the 10th, but the point that escapes me is WHY THE FUCK PITCH TO ICHIRO??? Do you not understand that you had a tied game in the top of the 10th, 2 outs, runners on 3rd and 2nd leaving 1st base open? Do not understand that Ichiro is considered the best hitter out of Japan? Do you not get that he is considered on of the fastest men is baseball and easily get infield hits? Or that he is one of the premiere hitters in the majors today and holds the single season hit record? Ok maybe you can somehow pass that simply by never checking any kind of stats in your life, but what about during the game? He had three hits to his credit already that night including a double that nearly went out of the park.  Ok lets say Ichiro was not the future hall of famer that he is, and he was just another run of mill lefty batter.  STILL WALK HIM.  People love baseball because you can play the odds for strategy. You had a right handed pitcher on the mound with a left handed batter at the plate.  Why risk even that AB when next batter was a righty? It is not like having bases loaded at that point would have made any difference.  Anyone manager worth his salt would have never gambled on that, and sure enough Ichiro doubled to drive in two runs.  Even with the epic failure of that call there are two things you can be glad about. One it's march madness and the WBC is completely overshadowed by basketball so at least Americans didn't see this game. And two your are on South Korean team and not North Korea.  But I do admit your team had a great classic and Korea did win the gold in Beijing, but it's too bad you couldn't shallow some pride and not disappoint many adoring fans.    
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[12 Mar 2009|04:08pm]
hey peoples,

im off the DL i can come out and play again 
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[24 Feb 2009|03:51am]
dear god,

i'm still waiting for those best years of my life,

please reply soon,


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[13 Feb 2009|10:52am]
RIP Sam Adams Dendel. You will be missed, you were a good cat and good friend.
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OMG!!!! LOL!!! [05 Feb 2009|04:08am]
this is not even tim and eric
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[25 Dec 2008|01:44pm]
                       congrads on turning the big 1972

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somehow this concerns me [07 Nov 2008|01:50pm]

more of the same?
i guess only time will tell
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[15 Oct 2008|03:24pm]
I have no idea how to write this post, but I guess in this case any way is as good as any.

Most of you may know that for several years now my dad has been battling cancer. He has had many different treatments in that time, and many of them proved successfully, in fact he had been in remission for a fews years. But, about two summers ago, the cancer had returned, again more treatments followed. Through the chemotherapy he found some relief, but complications had always followed. At this point I think most of you can already see where I'm leading to, so I'll be direct. About a week ago my family gathered with my father's doctor to discuss his condition, the outlook was not good, the once treated lymphoma had progressed to leukemia. The best medical knowledge had only predicted my dad only living around few weeks, and around 4:00 in the afternoon yesterday (October 14) he passed away.

No words or emotions can express the love and deep care I had for him, and I'll sadly miss him everyday of my life. His name was William Fredrick Dendel, born on New Year's Day in 1949 to Earl Dendel (my late grandfather, in which my middle name comes from) and Evelyn Dendel, also recently deceased. He was a firefighter, a solider, a teamster, phone repairmen, a husband, and father. In his youth he was on the varsity swim team, and a fan local of Detroit band MC5,in which he appeared on the cover of the LP, "Kick out the Jams." He loved cooking, taking drives on in the country, old cowboy movies, his two cats and dog, his children and wife.

I don't know where I'd be, or who I'd be without him, and this will challenge me for years to come. I hope I will be like him, and love the people around me as much as he did, care more about other's welfare than my own, and look on the world with a strong and full heart. I bet very few of you reading this post knew my father, other may have spoken to for a few minutes, but to those you that met him, he always spoke highly of my friends.

In last five or so years of life have been nothing to look at as the best years, in a time in my where I should doing many of the things that you everyday, like college and moving on with your lives, I've been left behind. I guess I can't help but feel angry. So if i appear short with anyone or distance, realize it's nothing personal, and I don't really mean anything . With all this being said, I'm extending an invite to my father's viewing this Friday , October 17, 2008. The times are 3:00-5:00 and 7:00-9:00 at Sparks-Griffin Funeral Home in downtown Lake Orion. Feel free to come if you wish, but don't feel like have to, I'm only telling you this because as close as our friend's group is, we like to know about things like this.

To answer the same question, everyone has... No, we don't need anything. If people wish to call me, you can, my number is 248-310-1783.

In closing, only would like to remind people, that families and friends are the most important thing we have, so take the time out our busy lives to insure these friends and families don't go astray.
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i love it [10 Oct 2008|03:02am]











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[07 Oct 2008|05:12pm]
I see The Sword of Damocles is right above your head
They're trying a new treatment to get you out of bed
But radiation kills both bad and good
it can not differentiate
So to cure you they must kill you
The Sword of Damocles hangs above your head

Now I have seen lots of peoples die
from car crashes or drugs
Last night on 33rd st. I saw a kid get hit by a bus
Bus this drawn out torture over which part of you lives
is very hard to take
To cure you they must kill you
The Sword of Damocles above your head

That mix of morphine and dexedrine
we use it on the street
It kills the pain and keeps you up
your very soul to keep
But this guessing game has its own rules
the good don't always win
and might makes right
The Sword of Damocles
is hanging above your head

It seems everything's done that must be done
from over here though things don't seem fair
But there are things that we can't know
maybe there's something over there
Some other world that we don't know about
I know you hate that mystic shit
It's just another way of seeing
The Sword of Damocles above your head
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Gary Sheffield is Krazy!!! [21 Sep 2008|12:15pm]
from tigers.com regarding the friday night fight...

"You take a cheap shot at me, I'll NEVER forget it," Sheffield said Saturday afternoon. "I'll never forget it until I DIE."

"He's going to learn respect," Sheffield said. "Somebody's going to teach him respect. ... He needs to watch his mouth, because he doesn't know who he's dealing with."

"I'm not going to condone violence," Sheffield said. "But like I said, anybody that wants some, come get some."

oh my, my
good words to live by, Gary
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New guitar [19 Sep 2008|12:15am]
soon ill have my very own 1960's gibson lgo
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[07 Aug 2008|03:20pm]
what the fuck!

i got jury duty
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oh my god! [07 Jul 2008|02:26am]
just wanted to share some lines from the new mummy movie

"I hate mummies. They never play fair."

"Whoa whoa whoa. Sorry pal, there's a mummy on the loose."

"Good going dad. You've raised another mummy. In his tomb, it said he had control of the five elements."

-- let us not forget the memorable quote from Mummy Returns

"No, no, not my car! Oh, I hate mummies."
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[03 Jul 2008|04:11am]
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[02 Jul 2008|11:36pm]
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my movie pitch [28 Jun 2008|03:17am]
Air Force Blunt: High in the Sky.
President Phat Chronic (Snoop Dogg), is aboard his smoked filled vessel when terrorists take over and try to "high"jack the president's top secret stash. Shit so strong that anyone who smokes it will gain instant mystical powers. Can he save himself and the freedom of America from these dopes, or is the hopes of free world cashed!
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[28 May 2008|01:37pm]
i think springsteen said it best when said "hey you're not a beauty but you're alright"
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this is what i watched last night? [14 May 2008|03:29pm]
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